Rasgulla: A blissful way out of every sorrow

Almost everyone has experienced the delightful taste of Bengali sweets from around the world. Rasgulla. The very name reminds us about its sweet, melt-in-mouth, unique taste. Only a few ingredients are required to prepare the sweet. Mainly Chhena and sugar. The method of making cottage cheese from curdled milk is used to make Chhena. The Read more about Rasgulla: A blissful way out of every sorrow[…]

Raise your glass at Sula wines

In 1998 Rajiv Samant established the Sulla’s first Vineyard, in Nasik in western India. And the fist wines were released in 2000. Local farmers were employed to grow Grapes vines and the area under plantation of wine flourished. Sula expanded leaps and bounds flr its original 30 acres of land, which has now has broadened Read more about Raise your glass at Sula wines[…]

Rajasthan: India’s Incredible Wonderland.

India. This nation and its culture cannot be limited by its boundaries. This country has an ocean of civilization of history where the influences of hundreds of dynasties and thousands of kings are evident in the beliefs, art, and traditions that exist. An integral part of this culture is food. The first chapter of this Read more about Rajasthan: India’s Incredible Wonderland.[…]