October 26, 2018



With stunning beaches, a rich culture, ancient heritage buildings and majestic temples, you'll never rub short of World's most enthralling destinations. It’s no wonder, then, that the nature has produced a whole host of trailblazing travel destinations for you.

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Food & travel brings so much joy. I love to meet people when I travel, learn their recipes, eat in their restaurants and wander their streets. When not wandering, I can be found in my kitchen or in a restaurant, possibly a wine bar too. Ok, often a wine bar, and I love a bit of karaoke action every now and then. Let's discover food together.

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You know that friend who is always sending you playlists and burning you mix CDs (despite knowing you don’t own a CD player)? The one who turned you on to your current favorite band? Safarnama Tera is basically a whole bunch of those people in one convenient (virtual) location.

You won’t find any scathing reviews or 1 out of 5 rankings on Safarnama Tera because we aren’t interested in telling you what we don’t think you should listen to. Our team of bloggers only write about the music they would recommend to their best friends, and through their posts, they’ll share those recommendations with you.

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About me

Like many people, I was taught to go to college, get a job, get married, have kids and live happily ever after. Not once did I consider that chasing the societal idea of “success” would lead me to an unfulfilling and unhappy life. Back in 2015, I took a hiatus from my schedule and spent 1 month traveling through and experienced the empowerment of solo travel for the first time.

Why a Travelogue?

I’ve spent most of my life fighting an incurable case of wanderlust. Now that I’ve found a way, at least for now, to make my life centered around travel, I feel like I am Alex in Wonderland. Not to mention, I was a pretty big fan of a certain book and movie character who had a penchant for chasing crazy characters down rabbit holes. And somewhere food and music fits into your romantic destinations where a glass of wine in one hand and Elvis Presley in the background could pluck the strings of your heart.

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"It may be that our cosmic curiosity... is a genetically-encoded force that we illuminate when we look up and wonder."