Longest festival – Bastar Dusshera

Bastar is a small district in the state of Chattishgarh, a small heaven where you find the Chitrakote falls, a dense forest of Sal trees shelter the beautiful paradise. A home to a hundred tribal communities, sited at the sangam of river Shankhinj-Dankini Bastar is delight to the spectator’s eyes, where the colors of Nature combine.

Bastar Dusheraa, the festival which begun in the Dantewada village, which is a part of the Bastar region the festival of Dussehra connotes to the supreme power of goddess Danteswari and is the only festival celebrated for 75 days long.

Each day is celebrated with warmth by the Bastar tribals and the locals. There are 21 rituals spanned over these days. The only Dusheraa celebrated without Ravan Vadh, along with the aboriginals of Bastar, the tourist from outside the boundaries of India participate in different rituals which makes it worldwide popular. The rituals and preparations for Bastar Dussehra combines rituals and traditions in a well blend manner. According to local legend Danteshwari Mata(Dussehra is celebrated in honor of Goddess Danteshwari Mata) safeguarded the Bastar King from the attackers and gave him protection in the forests. People dragging the chariot is a kind of scenario that makes the whole festival unforgettable.

So do try and get a taste of the pomp and pageantry at the time of Dussehra.

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